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Lithuanian politician, 14th Prime Minister of Lithuania Antanas Merkys died 5. March 1955. (born 1888)

Italian motorcycle racer Libero Liberati died 5. March 1962. (born 1926)

American singer-songwriter Patsy Cline died 5. March 1963. (born 1932)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist Cowboy Copas died 5. March 1963. (born 1913)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist Hawkshaw Hawkins died 5. March 1963. (born 1921)

Chinese general and politician Chen Cheng died 5. March 1965. (born 1897)

American baseball player Pepper Martin died 5. March 1965. (born 1904)

Russian poet Anna Akhmatova died 5. March 1966. (born 1889)

Iranian politician, 60th Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh died 5. March 1967. (born 1882)

Canadian general and politician, 19th Governor General of Canada Georges Vanier died 5. March 1967. (born 1888)

American journalist and author Allan Nevins died 5. March 1971. (born 1890)

English manager Michael Jeffery died 5. March 1973. (born 1933)

American author Robert C. O`Brien died 5. March 1973. (born 1918)

Canadian politician John Samuel Bourque died 5. March 1974. (born 1894)

American actor Billy De Wolfe died 5. March 1974. (born 1907)

Ukrainian-American businessman Sol Hurok died 5. March 1974. (born 1888)

Estonian politician Otto Tief died 5. March 1976. (born 1889)

Welsh race car driver Tom Pryce died 5. March 1977. (born 1949)

Canadian actor Jay Silverheels died 5. March 1980. (born 1912)

German wife of Siegfried Wagner Winifred Wagner died 5. March 1980. (born 1897)

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