See all who died on 5. April

Caliph of Baghdad Al-Mu`tadid died 5. April 902. (born c960)

2nd Earl of Leicester, English politician Robert de Beaumont died 5. April 1168. (born 1104)

Spanish missionary and saint Vincent Ferrer died 5. April 1419. (born 1350)

English-Irish archbishop Adam Loftus died 5. April 1605. (born 1513)

Spanish composer Alonso Lobo died 5. April 1617. (born 1555)

Belgian-French politician, 8th Governor of Formosa François Caron died 5. April 1673. (born 1600)

American politician, 1st Governor of Connecticut John Winthrop the Younger died 5. April 1676. (born 1606)

Duchess of Montpensier Anne Marie Louise d`Orléans died 5. April 1693. (born 1627)

1st Marquess of Halifax, English politician George Savile died 5. April 1695. (born 1633)

French painter Jean Jouvenet died 5. April 1717. (born 1647)

English minister and philosopher William Derham died 5. April 1735. (born 1657)

English clergyman and poet Samuel Wesley died 5. April 1735. (born 1662)

English poet Edward Young died 5. April 1765. (born 1683)

French lawyer and politician Georges Danton died 5. April 1794. (born 1759)

French journalist and politician Camille Desmoulins died 5. April 1794. (born 1760)

French general Jean-Charles Pichegru died 5. April 1804. (born 1761)

English admiral Richard Goodwin Keats died 5. April 1834. (born 1757)

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