See all who died on 5. August

Polish cardinal Stanislaus Hosius died 5. August 1579. (born 1504)

Spanish soldier and politician, Royal Governor of Chile Alonso García de Ramón died 5. August 1610. (born 1552)

English archbishop George Abbot died 5. August 1633. (born 1562)

Mexican tenor and composer Juan García de Zéspedes died 5. August 1678. (born 1619)

English engineer, invented the Newcomen steam engine Thomas Newcomen died 5. August 1729. (born 1664)

2nd Baron Hervey, English politician John Hervey died 5. August 1743. (born 1696)

French historian Charles Clémencet died 5. August 1778. (born 1703)

Lord North, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Frederick North died 5. August 1792. (born 1732)

1st Earl Howe, English admiral Richard Howe died 5. August 1799. (born 1726)

French archaeologist Jacques Boucher de Crèvecœur de Perthes died 5. August 1868. (born 1788)

Prince of Vasa Gustav died 5. August 1877. (born 1799)

Austrian physician and dermatologist Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra died 5. August 1880. (born 1816)

Canadian giant Anna Bates died 5. August 1888. (born 1846)

German-English philosopher and author Friedrich Engels died 5. August 1895. (born 1820)

Princess Royal of the United Kingdom Victoria died 5. August 1901. (born 1840)

American baseball player Bob Caruthers died 5. August 1911. (born 1864)

Greek politician, 78th Prime Minister of Greece Dimitrios Rallis died 5. August 1921. (born 1844)

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