See all who died on 7. January

Turkish martyr, saint, and theologian Lucian of Antioch died 7. January 312. (born 240)

Japanese emperor Tenji died 7. January 672. (born 626)

1st Duke of Surrey, English politician Thomas Holland died 7. January 1400. (born 1374)

Flemish monk Louis de Blois died 7. January 1566. (born 1506)

English painter Nicholas Hilliard died 7. January 1619. (born 1547)

Italian composer Ruggiero Giovannelli died 7. January 1625. (born 1560)

American farmer and politician Theophilus Eaton died 7. January 1658. (born 1590)

1st Earl of Macclesfield, English general Charles Gerard died 7. January 1694. (born 1618)

Italian scholar and author Raffaello Fabretti died 7. January 1700. (born 1618)

French archbishop, theologian, and poet François Fénelon died 7. January 1715. (born 1651)

Scottish poet Allan Ramsay died 7. January 1758. (born 1686)

American academic Thomas Clap died 7. January 1767. (born 1703)

Swedish politician Carl Gustaf Tessin died 7. January 1770. (born 1695)

English composer William Tans`ur died 7. January 1783. (born 1700)

French physician and mineralogist Jean-Étienne Guettard died 7. January 1786. (born 1715)

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