See all who died in 1929.

Finnish wrestler Ivar Böhling died 12. January 1929. (born 1889)

American police officer Wyatt Earp died 13. January 1929. (born 1848)

Australian politician and judge H. B. Higgins died 13. January 1929. (born 1851)

Chinese scholar Liang Qichao died 19. January 1929. (born 1873)

American archer Emma Cooke died 22. January 1929. (born 1848)

English journalist, author, and politician R. C. Lehmann died 22. January 1929. (born 1856)

French dancer La Goulue died 30. January 1929. (born 1866)

Danish mathematician and engineer Agner Krarup Erlang died 3. February 1929. (born 1878)

English singer and actress Lillie Langtry died 12. February 1929. (born 1853)

American sprinter Thomas Burke died 14. February 1929. (born 1875)

American gangster Frank Gusenberg died 14. February 1929. (born 1892)

American gangster Peter Gusenberg died 14. February 1929. (born 1889)

Cuban fencer Manuel Díaz died 20. February 1929. (born 1874)

French pianist, composer, and conductor André Messager died 24. February 1929. (born 1853)

Austrian physician Clemens von Pirquet died 28. February 1929. (born 1874)

American politician Royal Hurlburt Weller died 1. March 1929. (born 1881)

American educator Katharine Wright died 3. March 1929. (born 1874)

Scottish-American businessman, founded Buick David Dunbar Buick died 5. March 1929. (born 1854)

American businessman and politician, 44th Mayor of Atlanta Asa Griggs Candler died 12. March 1929. (born 1851)

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