See all who died in 1943.

French polo player André Fauquet-Lemaître died 3. January 1943. (born 1862)

Australian politician, 5th Premier of Western Australia Walter James died 3. January 1943. (born 1863)

American botanist, educator, and inventor George Washington Carver died 5. January 1943. (born 1864)

Serbian-American physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla died 7. January 1943. (born 1856)

Australian pilot and author Richard Hillary died 8. January 1943. (born 1919)

Estonian general and politician, 1st Estonian Minister of War Andres Larka died 8. January 1943. (born 1879)

Dutch journalist and critic Jan Campert died 12. January 1943. (born 1902)

Swiss painter and sculptor Sophie Taeuber-Arp died 13. January 1943. (born 1889)

American author Laura E. Richards died 14. January 1943. (born 1850)

American actor and journalist Alexander Woollcott died 23. January 1943. (born 1887)

English union leader and politician John Burns died 24. January 1943. (born 1858)

American eugenicist Harry H. Laughlin died 26. January 1943. (born 1880)

Russian botanist Nikolai Vavilov died 26. January 1943. (born 1887)

English-Canadian ice hockey player and businessman Frank Calder died 4. February 1943. (born 1877)

American soccer player Claude Jameson died 12. February 1943. (born 1886)

German actress and singer Dora Gerson died 14. February 1943. (born 1899)

German mathematician David Hilbert died 14. February 1943. (born 1862)

Russian painter Konstantin Bogaevsky died 17. February 1943. (born 1872)

American violinist and composer Armand J. Piron died 17. February 1943. (born 1888)

German activist Christoph Probst died 22. February 1943. (born 1919)

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