See all who died in 1949.

American director, producer, and cinematographer Victor Fleming died 6. January 1949. (born 1883)

German geographer and geophysicist Erich von Drygalski died 10. January 1949. (born 1865)

Spanish composer JoaquĆ­n Turina died 14. January 1949. (born 1882)

American author William Thomas Walsh died 22. January 1949. (born 1891)

Japanese politician Makino Nobuaki died 25. January 1949. (born 1861)

French race car driver Jean-Pierre Wimille died 28. January 1949. (born 1908)

Romanian journalist, author, and activist Nicolae Dumitru Cocea died 1. February 1949. (born 1880)

American conductor and composer Herbert Stothart died 1. February 1949. (born 1885)

Egyptian educator founded the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan al-Banna died 12. February 1949. (born 1906)

Iraqi politician Yusuf Salman Yusuf died 14. February 1949. (born 1901)

Indonesian educator and activist Tan Malaka died 21. February 1949. (born 1894)

English footballer Tommy Clay died 21. February 1949. (born 1892)

Indian poet and activist Sarojini Naidu died 2. March 1949. (born 1879)

Welsh painter Francis Dodd died 7. March 1949. (born 1874)

American football player, physician, and politician Bradbury Robinson died 7. March 1949. (born 1884)

English runner Charles Bennett died 9. March 1949. (born 1870)

American runner James Rector died 10. March 1949. (born 1884)

Greek general and politician, 109th Prime Minister of Greece Anastasios Charalambis died 11. March 1949. (born 1862)

French general Henri Giraud died 11. March 1949. (born 1879)

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