See all who died in 1952.

2nd Marquess of Linlithgow, Scottish politician Victor Hope died 5. January 1952. (born 1887)

Bulgarian activist Hristo Tatarchev died 5. January 1952. (born 1869)

Greek admiral Sofoklis Dousmanis died 6. January 1952. (born 1868)

French general Jean de Lattre de Tassigny died 11. January 1952. (born 1889)

Italian tenor Aureliano Pertile died 11. January 1952. (born 1885)

Estonian composer Artur Kapp died 14. January 1952. (born 1878)

Australian politician, 26th Premier of Queensland Ned Hanlon died 15. January 1952. (born 1887)

Sr., American businessman Walter Briggs died 17. January 1952. (born 1877)

American actor and singer Curly Howard died 18. January 1952. (born 1903)

Mongolian general and politician, 12th Prime Minister of Mongolia Khorloogiin Choibalsan died 26. January 1952. (born 1895)

Georgian patriarch Callistratus of Georgia died 2. February 1952. (born 1866)

American politician, 32nd United States Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes died 3. February 1952. (born 1874)

English pianist and composer Adela Verne died 5. February 1952. (born 1877)

American football player and coach Pete Henry died 7. February 1952. (born 1897)

English-American biochemist Henry Drysdale Dakin died 10. February 1952. (born 1880)

English author Josephine Tey died 13. February 1952. (born 1896)

Belgian cyclist Maurice De Waele died 14. February 1952. (born 1896)

Norwegian author, Nobel Prize laureate Knut Hamsun died 19. February 1952. (born 1859)

Greek general and politician, President of Greece Theodoros Pangalos died 26. February 1952. (born 1878)

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