See all who died in 1958.

American photographer Edward Weston died 1. January 1958. (born 1886)

Finnish runner Jalmari Eskola died 7. January 1958. (born 1886)

American architect, designed the Desert View Watchtower Mary Colter died 8. January 1958. (born 1869)

Canadian race car driver John Duff died 8. January 1958. (born 1895)

American runner Paul Pilgrim died 8. January 1958. (born 1883)

Canadian runner Dick Grant died 9. January 1958. (born 1878)

English composer Alec Rowley died 11. January 1958. (born 1892)

American actress Edna Purviance died 11. January 1958. (born 1895)

American meteorologist Charles Hatfield died 12. January 1958. (born 1875)

American film producer, co-founded Paramount Pictures Jesse L. Lasky died 13. January 1958. (born 1880)

American businessman Robert R. Young died 25. January 1958. (born 1897)

Swiss painter Jean Crotti died 30. January 1958. (born 1878)

German engineer and businessman, founded the Heinkel Aircraft Company Ernst Heinkel died 30. January 1958. (born 1888)

Estonian politician Karl Selter died 31. January 1958. (born 1898)

American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Clinton Davisson died 1. February 1958. (born 1888)

American author Henry Kuttner died 4. February 1958. (born 1915)

English footballer victims of the Munich air disaster – Geoff Bent died 6. February 1958. (born 1932)

Estonian decathlete and coach Aleksander Klumberg died 10. February 1958. (born 1899)

Welsh neurologist and psychoanalyst Ernest Jones died 11. February 1958. (born 1879)

English physicist Douglas Hartree died 12. February 1958. (born 1897)

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