See all who died in 2008.

American son of Joseph Bonanno Salvatore Bonanno died 1. January 2008. (born 1932)

Irish actor Peter Caffrey died 1. January 2008. (born 1949)

Indian politician Pratap Chandra Chunder died 1. January 2008. (born 1919)

American photographer Harold Corsini died 1. January 2008. (born 1919)

American politician, 40th Governor of Wisconsin Lee S. Dreyfus died 2. January 2008. (born 1926)

English journalist and author George MacDonald Fraser died 2. January 2008. (born 1925)

Dutch physicist and engineer Martinus Tels died 2. January 2008. (born 1926)

Thai princess Galyani Vadhana died 2. January 2008. (born 1923)

Russian actor Aleksandr Abdulov died 3. January 2008. (born 1953)

South Korean boxer Yo-Sam Choi died 3. January 2008. (born 1972)

German economist and politician Werner Dollinger died 3. January 2008. (born 1918)

American graphic designer Joyce Carlson died 4. January 2008. (born 1923)

Nicaraguan journalist Xavier Chamorro Cardenal died 4. January 2008. (born 1932)

Singaporan comedian and actor Jimmy Nah died 4. January 2008. (born 1968)

Greek activist Yannis Tamtakos died 4. January 2008. (born 1908)

Australian sportscaster Clinton Grybas died 5. January 2008. (born 1975)

Cypriot politician Alekos Michaelides died 6. January 2008. (born 1933)

Indian Surgeon Pramod Karan Sethi died 6. January 2008. (born 1927)

South African politician, Vice State President of South Africa Alwyn Schlebusch died 7. January 2008. (born 1917)

Australian jockey George Moore died 8. January 2008. (born 1923)

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