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King Richard I of England gives Portsmouth its first Royal Charter. (2. May 1194)

William de Braose is hanged by Prince Llywelyn the Great. (2. May 1230)

Otto the Merry, Duke of Austria, becomes Duke of Carinthia. (2. May 1335)

Anne Boleyn, Queen of England, is arrested and imprisoned on charges of adultery, incest, treason and witchcraft. (2. May 1536)

John Knox returns from exile to Scotland to become the leader of the nascent Scottish Reformation. (2. May 1559)

Mary, Queen of Scots, escapes from Loch Leven Castle. (2. May 1568)

The King James Bible is published for the first time in London, England, by printer Robert Barker. (2. May 1611)

King Charles II of England grants a permanent charter to the Hudson's Bay Company to open up the fur trade in North America. (2. May 1670)

John Maitland becomes Duke of Lauderdale and Earl of March. (2. May 1672)

Outbreak of the Peninsular War: The people of Madrid rise up in rebellion against French occupation. Francisco de Goya later memorializes this event in his painting The Second of May 1808. (2. May 1808)

Marriage of Léopold of Saxe-Coburg and Charlotte Augusta. (2. May 1816)

After anchoring nearby, Captain Charles Fremantle of HMS Challenger, declares the Swan River Colony in Australia. (2. May 1829)

American Civil War: Stonewall Jackson is wounded by friendly fire while returning to camp after reconnoitering during the Battle of Chancellorsville. He succumbs to pneumonia eight days later. (2. May 1863)

Peruvian defenders fight off the Spanish fleet at the Battle of Callao. (2. May 1866)

The April Uprising breaks out in Bulgaria. (2. May 1876)

The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party is founded in Casa Labra Pub (city of Madrid) by the historical Spanish workers' leader Pablo Iglesias. (2. May 1879)

Good Housekeeping magazine goes on sale for the first time. (2. May 1885)

Cree and Assiniboine warriors win the Battle of Cut Knife, their largest victory over Canadian forces during the North-West Rebellion. (2. May 1885)

The Congo Free State is established by King Léopold II of Belgium. (2. May 1885)

Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia, signs a treaty of amity with Italy, giving Italy control over Eritrea. (2. May 1889)

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