Find out who all was born on 2. May

Duke of Lorraine René II was born 2. May 1451. (died 1508)

English historian William Camden was born 2. May 1551. (died 1623)

German scholar Athanasius Kircher was born 2. May 1601. (died 1680)

Italian composer Alessandro Scarlatti was born 2. May 1660. (died 1725)

Italian-French decorator and architect Giovanni Niccolò Servandoni was born 2. May 1695. (died 1766)

German theologian Friedrich Christoph Oetinger was born 2. May 1702. (died 1782)

French cellist and composer Jean-Baptiste Barrière was born 2. May 1707. (died 1747)

Russian wife of Peter III of Russia Catherine the Great was born 2. May 1729. (died 1796)

2nd Earl of Shelburne, Irish politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom William Petty was born 2. May 1737. (died 1805)

American lawyer and politician, 10th President of the Continental Congress Elias Boudinot was born 2. May 1740. (died 1821)

English soldier and spy John André was born 2. May 1750. (died 1780)

German oboe player and composer Ludwig August Lebrun was born 2. May 1752. (died 1790)

Spanish composer Vicente Martín y Soler was born 2. May 1754. (died 1806)

German author and poet Novalis was born 2. May 1772. (died 1801)

Norwegian philosopher and poet Henrik Steffens was born 2. May 1773. (died 1845)

Canadian physician and geologist Abraham Pineo Gesner was born 2. May 1797. (died 1864)

German chemist and physicist Heinrich Gustav Magnus was born 2. May 1802. (died 1870)

French saint Catherine Labouré was born 2. May 1806. (died 1876)

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