Find out who all were born in the 2. century

Roman politician and philosopher Cicero was born 3. January 106. (died 43BC)

Chinese general and warlord Lü Bu was born 3. January 169. (died 199)

Roman emperor Didius Julianus was born 30. January 133. (died 193)

Greek astrologer Vettius Valens was born 8. February 120. (died 175)

Roman emperor Publius Septimius Geta was born 7. March 189. (died 211)

Roman emperor Caracalla was born 4. April 188. (died 217)

Roman emperor Septimius Severus was born 11. April 145. (died 211)

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius was born 26. April 121. (died 180)

Roman wife of Gaius Julius Caesar Aurelia Cotta was born 21. May 120. (died 54BC)

Syrian astrologer, scholar, and philosopher Bardaisan was born 11. July 154. (died 222)

Roman emperor Pertinax was born 1. August 126. (died 193)

Roman emperor Commodus was born 31. August 161. (died 192)

Roman general and politician Pompey was born 29. September 106. (died 48BC)

Greek favourite of Hadrian Antinous was born 27. November 111. (died 130)

Roman emperor Lucius Verus was born 15. December 130. (died 169)

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