Find out who all died from July to October 2013

Canadian general Jack Vance died 10. September 2013. (born 1933)

American businessman, founded the R.J. Corman Railroad Group Richard J. Corman died 23. August 2013. (born 1955)

Indian martial artist Lourembam Brojeshori Devi died 21. July 2013. (born 1981)

Indian archbishop Simon Pimenta died 19. July 2013. (born 1920)

American actress and author Chris Chase died 31. October 2013. (born 1924)

American author Ann C. Crispin died 6. September 2013. (born 1950)

Indian author, poet, and critic Ravuri Bharadhwaja died 18. October 2013. (born 1927)

Slovenian chess player Vesna Rožič died 23. August 2013. (born 1987)

American journalist and actor John Hambrick died 10. September 2013. (born 1940)

English-Irish actress Susan Fitzgerald died 9. September 2013. (born 1949)

American author Leighton Gage died 26. July 2013. (born 1942)

Irish politician Denis Foley died 26. October 2013. (born 1934)

English set decorator Stephenie McMillan died 19. August 2013. (born 1942)

English-Canadian vibraphone player and composer Peter Appleyard died 17. July 2013. (born 1928)

American chemist and educator Malcolm Renfrew died 12. October 2013. (born 1910)

American drummer and composer (Last Exit) Ronald Shannon Jackson died 19. October 2013. (born 1940)

American bassist Butch Warren died 5. October 2013. (born 1939)

American rabbi and author Philip Berg died 16. September 2013. (born 1927)

American colonel and engineer Francis X. Kane died 18. July 2013. (born 1918)

English journalist Anthony Lawrence died 24. September 2013. (born 1912)

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