Find out who all died from July to December 1892

Brazilian politician, 1st President of Brazil Deodoro da Fonseca died 23. August 1892. (born 1827)

Greek politician, 69th Prime Minister of Greece Dimitrios Valvis died 30. November 1892. (born 1814)

Scottish historian William Forbes Skene died 29. August 1892. (born 1809)

Russian author and poet Afanasy Fet died 3. December 1892. (born 1820)

English travel agent, founded the Thomas Cook Group Thomas Cook died 18. July 1892. (born 1808)

German businessman, founded the Siemens Company Werner von Siemens died 6. December 1892. (born 1816)

Italian mathematician Enrico Betti died 11. August 1892. (born 1813)

English biologist, anatomist, and paleontologist Richard Owen died 18. December 1892. (born 1804)

American lawyer and politician William W. Chapman died 18. October 1892. (born 1808)

Lord Tennyson, English poet Alfred died 6. October 1892. (born 1809)

American businessman and financier Jay Gould died 2. December 1892. (born 1836)

American fireman, invented baseball Alexander Cartwright died 12. July 1892. (born 1820)

Scottish theologian and scholar William Milligan died 11. December 1892. (born 1821)

American businessman and politician, 7th Mayor of Seattle Henry Yesler died 16. December 1892. (born 1810)

Irish-American composer Patrick Gilmore died 24. September 1892. (born 1829)

American poet John Greenleaf Whittier died 7. September 1892. (born 1807)

French cardinal Charles Lavigerie died 26. November 1892. (born 1825)

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