Find out who all died from August to September 1952

Hungarian swimmer Géza Kiss died 23. August 1952. (born 1882)

Estonian playwright Hugo Raudsepp died 15. September 1952. (born 1883)

American painter Lydia Field Emmet died 16. August 1952. (born 1866)

Canadian politician Henri Bourassa died 31. August 1952. (born 1868)

Egyptian scientist Sameera Moussa died 5. August 1952. (born 1917)

New Zealand-Australian soprano Frances Alda died 18. September 1952. (born 1879)

Spanish-American philosopher and author George Santayana died 26. September 1952. (born 1863)

Lebanese engineer and architect Youssef Aftimus died 10. September 1952. (born 1866)

Ukrainian author David Bergelson died 12. August 1952. (born 1884)

English actress, singer, and dancer Gertrude Lawrence died 6. September 1952. (born 1898)

English race car driver John Cobb died 29. September 1952. (born 1899)

Finnish lawyer, judge, and politician, 1st President of Finland Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg died 22. September 1952. (born 1865)

Australian politician, 27th Premier of Tasmania John McPhee died 14. September 1952. (born 1874)

Canadian soccer player George Ducker died 26. September 1952. (born 1871)

Chilean priest, lawyer, and saint Alberto Hurtado died 18. August 1952. (born 1901)

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