Find out who all died from August to September 1982

English actress and dancer Sarah Churchill died 24. September 1982. (born 1914)

Mexican boxer Salvador Sánchez died 12. August 1982. (born 1959)

South African cricketer Geoff Chubb died 28. August 1982. (born 1911)

Russian general Ivan Bagramyan died 21. September 1982. (born 1897)

American cartoonist Ernie Bushmiller died 15. August 1982. (born 1905)

Estonian-Swedish wrestler August Neo died 19. August 1982. (born 1908)

Sri Lankan politician T. Thirunavukarasu died 1. August 1982. (born 1933)

Egyptian-Greek composer Manos Loïzos died 17. September 1982. (born 1937)

Spanish composer Federico Moreno Tórroba died 12. September 1982. (born 1891)

French violinist Christian Ferras died 14. September 1982. (born 1933)

American author and critic John Gardner died 14. September 1982. (born 1933)

American actor Rolfe Sedan died 15. September 1982. (born 1896)

American architect, designed the Boston Avenue Methodist Church Bruce Goff died 4. August 1982. (born 1904)

American actor and singer Tom Drake died 11. August 1982. (born 1918)

Polish politician Władysław Gomułka died 1. September 1982. (born 1905)

American mathematician Haskell Curry died 1. September 1982. (born 1900)

Canadian priest and author Félix-Antoine Savard died 24. August 1982. (born 1896)

American singer-songwriter Joe Tex died 13. August 1982. (born 1933)

Swedish-English actress and singer Ingrid Bergman died 29. August 1982. (born 1915)

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