See all who died in 1982.

American actor Victor Buono died 1. January 1982. (born 1938)

American actor Hans Conried died 5. January 1982. (born 1917)

Australian military commander and politician, 7th Chief Justice of Victoria Edmund Herring died 5. January 1982. (born 1892)

American actor Harvey Lembeck died 5. January 1982. (born 1923)

Armenian actor Grégoire Aslan died 8. January 1982. (born 1908)

American poet Marya Zaturenska died 9. January 1982. (born 1902)

American comedian and actor Paul Lynde died 10. January 1982. (born 1926)

French director and screenwriter Marcel Camus died 13. January 1982. (born 1912)

Jr., American passenger on Air Florida Flight 90 Arland D. Williams died 13. January 1982. (born 1935)

American journalist Red Smith died 16. January 1982. (born 1905)

Brazilian singer Elis Regina died 19. January 1982. (born 1945)

Chilean politician, 28th President of Chile Eduardo Frei Montalva died 22. January 1982. (born 1911)

American singer-songwriter and pianist Tommy Tucker died 22. January 1982. (born 1933)

Greek actor Pantelis Zervos died 22. January 1982. (born 1908)

Bolivian general and politician, 56th President of Bolivia Alfredo Ovando Candía died 24. January 1982. (born 1918)

Soviet politician Mikhail Suslov died 25. January 1982. (born 1902)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist Lightnin` Hopkins died 30. January 1982. (born 1912)

Canadian lawyer, businessman and politician Paul Desruisseaux died 2. February 1982. (born 1905)

Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist Alex Harvey died 4. February 1982. (born 1935)

German lawyer and judge Georg Konrad Morgen died 4. February 1982. (born 1909)

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