Find out who all died from September to December 1994

English director Eric Crozier died 7. September 1994. (born 1914)

Cuban-American reality television personality, cast member on The Real World: San Francisco Pedro Zamora died 11. November 1994. (born 1972)

Filipino lawyer and jurist J. B. L. Reyes died 27. December 1994. (born 1902)

Canadian-American sprinter Alex Wilson died 10. December 1994. (born 1905)

Greek-French mathematician and academic Roger Apéry died 18. December 1994. (born 1916)

Israeli rabbi, general, and scholar Shlomo Goren died 29. October 1994. (born 1918)

Portuguese composer and conductor Fernando Lopes-Graça died 27. November 1994. (born 1906)

American guitarist Danny Gatton died 4. October 1994. (born 1945)

American author Elizabeth George Speare died 15. November 1994. (born 1908)

Canadian production manager and producer Harry Saltzman died 28. September 1994. (born 1915)

Italian actor, singer, director, and screenwriter Rossano Brazzi died 24. December 1994. (born 1916)

Jr., American television producer James Thomas Aubrey died 3. September 1994. (born 1918)

Latvian basketball player Jānis Krūmiņš died 20. November 1994. (born 1930)

Canadian ice hockey player J. C. Tremblay died 7. December 1994. (born 1939)

American physicist Alvin Andreas Herborg Nielsen died 3. November 1994. (born 1910)

Sierra Leonean physician, academic, and diplomat Abioseh Nicol died 20. September 1994. (born 1924)

American sprinter Wilma Rudolph died 12. November 1994. (born 1940)

Puerto Rican-American actor and singer Raúl Juliá died 24. October 1994. (born 1940)

American businessman Forrest White died 22. November 1994. (born 1920)

English lawyer and politician Keith Joseph died 10. December 1994. (born 1918)

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