See all who died on 9. July

Byzantine emperor Anastasius I Dicorus died 9. July 518. (born 430)

English archbishop Stephen Langton died 9. July 1228. (born 1150)

Duke of Austria Leopold III died 9. July 1386. (born 1351)

Elector of Saxony Maurice died 9. July 1553. (born 1521)

King of the Romans Ferdinand IV died 9. July 1654. (born 1633)

Canadian captain and explorer Pierre Le Moyne d`Iberville died 9. July 1706. (born 1661)

Grand Duke of Tuscany Gian Gastone de` Medici died 9. July 1737. (born 1671)

English historian John Oldmixon died 9. July 1742. (born 1673)

Italian cellist and composer Giovanni Bononcini died 9. July 1747. (born 1670)

American minister Jonathan Mayhew died 9. July 1766. (born 1720)

Greek gardener and martyr Michael Paknanas died 9. July 1771. (born 1753)

English general and politician Henry Seymour Conway died 9. July 1795. (born 1721)

Irish-English philosopher and politician Edmund Burke died 9. July 1797. (born 1729)

Persian religious leader, founded Bábism Báb died 9. July 1850. (born 1819)

American general and politician, 12th President of the United States Zachary Taylor died 9. July 1850. (born 1784)

American lawyer and politician, 2nd United States Secretary of the Interior Thomas McKean Thompson McKennan died 9. July 1852. (born 1794)

1st Baron Raglan, English field marshal FitzRoy Somerset died 9. July 1855. (born 1788)

Italian chemist Amedeo Avogadro died 9. July 1856. (born 1776)

American religious leader James Strang died 9. July 1856. (born 1813)

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