See all who died on 12. July

Japanese shogun Ashikaga Yoshinori died 12. July 1441. (born 1394)

Dutch priest and philosopher Desiderius Erasmus died 12. July 1536. (born 1466)

English explorer Steven Borough died 12. July 1584. (born 1525)

Italian engraver Stefano della Bella died 12. July 1664. (born 1610)

French astronomer Jean Picard died 12. July 1682. (born 1620)

English admiral John Ashby died 12. July 1693. (born 1640)

English politician Richard Cromwell died 12. July 1712. (born 1626)

Italian violinist and composer Evaristo Felice Dall`Abaco died 12. July 1742. (born 1675)

Marquis de Beauharnois, French navy officer and politician, Governor General of New France Charles de la Boische died 12. July 1749. (born 1671)

German flute player and composer Johann Joachim Quantz died 12. July 1773. (born 1697)

American general, economist, and politician, 1st United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton died 12. July 1804. (born 1755)

Norwegian author Henrik Wergeland died 12. July 1845. (born 1808)

American wife of James Madison, 4th First Lady of the United States Dolley Madison died 12. July 1849. (born 1768)

American admiral John A. Dahlgren died 12. July 1870. (born 1809)

American fireman, invented baseball Alexander Cartwright died 12. July 1892. (born 1820)

English engineer and businessman, co-founded Rolls-Royce Limited Charles Rolls died 12. July 1910. (born 1887)

Croatian explorer Dragutin Lerman died 12. July 1918. (born 1864)

English archaeologist and spy Gertrude Bell died 12. July 1926. (born 1868)

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