See all who died on 14. August

Byzantine emperor Tiberius II Constantine died 14. August 582. (born 535)

Commander-in-chief of the Abbasid Caliphate Badr al-Mu`tadidi died 14. August 902.

Italian archbishop Rainald of Dassel died 14. August 1167. (born 1120)

Japanese shogun Minamoto no Yoriie died 14. August 1204. (born 1182)

2nd Baron Arundel, English soldier John FitzAlan died 14. August 1390. (born 1364)

Japanese daimyo Saitō Tatsuoki died 14. August 1573. (born 1548)

1st Earl of Tyrconnell, Irish soldier and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Richard Talbot died 14. August 1691. (born 1630)

French religious leader Roland Laporte died 14. August 1704. (born 1675)

English organist and composer William Croft died 14. August 1727. (born 1678)

German physician and scholar Johann Jakob Reiske died 14. August 1774. (born 1716)

Irish-English painter Nathaniel Hone the Elder died 14. August 1784. (born 1718)

French geologist Constant Prévost died 14. August 1856. (born 1787)

French zoologist André Marie Constant Duméril died 14. August 1860. (born 1774)

American admiral David Farragut died 14. August 1870. (born 1801)

American minister and politician Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs died 14. August 1874. (born 1821)

American wife of James K. Polk, 12th First Lady of the United States Sarah Childress Polk died 14. August 1891. (born 1803)

English painter Simeon Solomon died 14. August 1905. (born 1840)

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