See all who died on 15. May

Roman emperor Valentinian II died 15. May 392. (born 371)

German archbishop Hatto I died 15. May 913. (born 850)

Russian prince and founded Moscow Yuri Dolgorukiy died 15. May 1157. (born 1099)

Syrian ruler Nur ad-Din Zangi died 15. May 1174. (born 1118)

German warrior Eppelein von Gailingen died 15. May 1381. (born 1315)

Japanese samurai Niwa Nagahide died 15. May 1585. (born 1535)

Italian composer Giovanni Croce died 15. May 1609. (born 1557)

Dutch painter Hendrick Avercamp died 15. May 1634. (born 1585)

French actress Marie Champmeslé died 15. May 1698. (born 1642)

3rd Baronet, English politician Sir Edward Petre died 15. May 1699. (born 1631)

American minister John Hale died 15. May 1700. (born 1636)

English encyclopaedist Ephraim Chambers died 15. May 1740. (born 1680)

English priest and hagiographer Alban Butler died 15. May 1773. (born 1710)

Costa Rican politician, Head of State of Costa Rica Braulio Carrillo Colina died 15. May 1845. (born 1800)

German architect and educator, designed the Semper Opera House Gottfried Semper died 15. May 1879. (born 1803)

American poet Emily Dickinson died 15. May 1886. (born 1830)

French diplomat and politician, Nobel Prize laureate Paul-Henri-Benjamin d`Estournelles de Constant died 15. May 1924. (born 1852)

Japanese sumo wrestler, the 15th Yokozuna Umegatani Tōtarō I died 15. May 1928. (born 1845)

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