See all who died on 2. March

Anglo-Saxon abbot Chad of Mercia died 2. March 672.

Scottish daughter of Robert the Bruce Marjorie Bruce died 2. March 1316. (born 1296)

Portuguese-Brazilian politician Mem de Sá died 2. March 1572. (born 1500)

Italian cardinal Alessandro Farnese died 2. March 1589. (born 1520)

2nd Marquess of Hamilton, Scottish politician James Hamilton died 2. March 1625. (born 1589)

English historian Horace Walpole died 2. March 1797. (born 1717)

Italian philosopher and scientist Francesco Bianchini died 2. March 1729. (born 1662)

Duc de Saint-Simon, French soldier and diplomat Louis de Rouvroy died 2. March 1755. (born 1675)

French cardinal Pierre Guérin de Tencin died 2. March 1758. (born 1679)

English cleric and theologian John Wesley died 2. March 1791. (born 1703)

Swedish-Danish painter Carl Gustaf Pilo died 2. March 1793. (born 1711)

English politician and historian Horace Walpole died 2. March 1797. (born 1717)

Mexican conspirator Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez died 2. March 1829. (born 1768)

German physician Samuel Thomas von Sömmering died 2. March 1830. (born 1755)

Holy Roman Emperor Francis II died 2. March 1835. (born 1768)

German physician and astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers died 2. March 1840. (born 1758)

American colonel Ulric Dahlgren died 2. March 1864. (born 1842)

German-New Zealand missionary Carl Sylvius Völkner died 2. March 1865. (born 1819)

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