See all who died on 7. August

Roman emperor Majorian died 7. August 461. (born 420)

Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV died 7. August 1106. (born 1050)

Duke of Albany Alexander Stewart died 7. August 1485. (born 1454)

English judge and politician, Lord Chief Justice of England Thomas Fleming died 7. August 1613. (born 1544)

Italian architect, designed Teatro Olimpico Vincenzo Scamozzi died 7. August 1616. (born 1548)

German poet Friedrich Spee died 7. August 1635. (born 1591)

Dutch astronomer and mathematician Martin van den Hove died 7. August 1639. (born 1605)

Chinese journalist and critic Jin Shengtan died 7. August 1661. (born 1608)

French economist and politician Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours died 7. August 1817. (born 1739)

Croatian priest Mátyás Laáb died 7. August 1823. (born 1746)

French weaver and inventor, invented the Jacquard loom Joseph Marie Jacquard died 7. August 1834. (born 1752)

Swedish chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius died 7. August 1848. (born 1779)

Mexican politician, 19th President of Mexico Mariano Arista died 7. August 1855. (born 1802)

Chinese general Li Xiucheng died 7. August 1864. (born 1823)

Italian composer Alfredo Catalani died 7. August 1893. (born 1854)

Dutch painter Jacob Maris died 7. August 1899. (born 1837)

French target shooter Louis Dutfoy died 7. August 1904. (born 1860)

Swiss scientist François-Alphonse Forel died 7. August 1912. (born 1841)

South African-English pilot and commander Edwin Harris Dunning died 7. August 1917. (born 1891)

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