See all who died on 9. April

Japanese emperor Emperor Jimmu died 9. April 585. (born 711BC)

Chinese scholar Yuan An died 9. April 93.

Chinese general Tan Daoji died 9. April 436.

Byzantine emperor Zeno died 9. April 491. (born 425)

Governor of Egypt Maslama ibn Mukhallad al-Ansari died 9. April 682. (born 616/620)

Duke of Aquitaine William X died 9. April 1137. (born 1099)

English diplomat Lord Borchard de Herle died 9. April 1305. (born 1268)

Prince of Wales Edward of Middleham died 9. April 1484. (born 1473)

Italian ruler Lorenzo de` Medici died 9. April 1492. (born 1449)

French monk and scholar Fran├žois Rabelais died 9. April 1553. (born 1494)

Finnish clergyman and scholar Mikael Agricola died 9. April 1557. (born 1510)

English jurist and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales Sir Francis Bacon died 9. April 1626. (born 1561)

Romanian prince Matei Basarab died 9. April 1654. (born 1588)

Comte de Bussy, French author Roger de Rabutin died 9. April 1693. (born 1618)

11th Lord Lovat, Scottish soldier Simon Fraser died 9. April 1747. (born 1667)

German philosopher Christian Wolff died 9. April 1754. (born 1679)

English priest William Law died 9. April 1761. (born 1686)

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