See all who died in 1617.

Dutch painter Hendrik Goltzius died 1. January 1617. (born 1558)

Croatian bishop Fausto Veranzio died 17. January 1617. (born 1551)

Dutch publisher, co-founded the House of Elzevir Lodewijk Elzevir died 4. February 1617. (born 1546)

Italian physician and botanist Prospero Alpini died 6. February 1617. (born 1553)

Scottish mathematician, physicist, and astronomer John Napier died 4. April 1617. (born 1550)

Spanish composer Alonso Lobo died 5. April 1617. (born 1555)

Italian-French politician, Prime Minister of France Concino Concini died 24. April 1617. (born 1575)

German astronomer and theologian David Fabricius died 7. May 1617. (born 1564)

Swiss clergyman Johann Jakob Grynaeus died 13. August 1617. (born 1540)

Spanish priest, philosopher, and theologian Francisco Suárez died 25. September 1617. (born 1548)

English politician, English Secretary of State Ralph Winwood died 27. October 1617. (born 1563)

English soldier and author Barnabe Rich died 10. November 1617. (born 1540)

Ottoman sultan Ahmed I died 22. November 1617. (born 1590)

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