See all who died in 1960.

American actress and screenwriter Margaret Sullavan died 1. January 1960. (born 1909)

Italian cyclist Fausto Coppi died 2. January 1960. (born 1919)

Canadian lawyer and politician, 17th Premier of Quebec Paul Sauvé died 2. January 1960. (born 1907)

American children`s author Eric P. Kelly died 3. January 1960. (born 1884)

Algerian-French philosopher, Nobel Prize laureate Albert Camus died 4. January 1960. (born 1913)

English tennis player Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers died 7. January 1960. (born 1878)

English author Elsie J. Oxenham died 9. January 1960. (born 1880)

Canadian ice hockey player Jack Laviolette died 10. January 1960. (born 1879)

English engineer and author Nevil Shute died 12. January 1960. (born 1899)

English rugby player Arthur Darby died 16. January 1960. (born 1876)

New Zealand illustrator Andrew Kennaway Henderson died 17. January 1960. (born 1879)

American author Arthur Murray Chisholm died 24. January 1960. (born 1872)

Swiss pianist and conductor Edwin Fischer died 24. January 1960. (born 1886)

American actress Diana Barrymore died 25. January 1960. (born 1921)

American author Zora Neale Hurston died 28. January 1960. (born 1891)

Italian singer and actor Fred Buscaglione died 3. February 1960. (born 1921)

Russian physicist Igor Kurchatov died 7. February 1960. (born 1903)

English philosopher J. L. Austin died 8. February 1960. (born 1911)

English architect and designer, designed the Red telephone box and Liverpool Cathedral Giles Gilbert Scott died 8. February 1960. (born 1880)

Russian painter and critic Alexandre Benois died 9. February 1960. (born 1870)

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