See all who died in 1983.

English comedian and actor Dick Emery died 2. January 1983. (born 1915)

New Zealand botanist Eliza Amy Hodgson died 7. January 1983. (born 1888)

German pilot Gerhard Barkhorn died 8. January 1983. (born 1919)

Australian actor Ron Frazer died 8. January 1983. (born 1924)

American journalist and politician 30th Governor of Oregon Tom McCall died 8. January 1983. (born 1913)

Ghanaian drummer (Traffic and Can) Rebop Kwaku Baah died 12. January 1983. (born 1944)

Ukrainian engineer and politician Nikolai Podgorny died 12. January 1983. (born 1903)

French racing driver and automobile constructor René Bonnet died 13. January 1983. (born 1904)

Russian-American gangster Meyer Lansky died 15. January 1983. (born 1902)

Estonian paleontologist Armin Öpik died 15. January 1983. (born 1898)

American actor Shepperd Strudwick died 15. January 1983. (born 1907)

American actor Doodles Weaver died 17. January 1983. (born 1911)

Cameroonian-American chimpanzee Ham the Chimp died 19. January 1983. (born 1956)

Brazilian footballer Garrincha died 20. January 1983. (born 1933)

American bass player (The Allman Brothers Band and Seal Level) Lamar Williams died 21. January 1983. (born 1949)

English cricketer Fred Bakewell died 23. January 1983. (born 1908)

American director and producer George Cukor died 24. January 1983. (born 1899)

American football player and coach Bear Bryant died 26. January 1983. (born 1913)

French actor Louis de Funès died 27. January 1983. (born 1914)

Australian politician, 15th Prime Minister of Australia Frank Forde died 28. January 1983. (born 1890)

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