See all who died in 2005.

American educator, politician, and author Shirley Chisholm died 1. January 2005. (born 1924)

American painter Eugene J. Martin died 1. January 2005. (born 1938)

American illustrator Frank Kelly Freas died 2. January 2005. (born 1922)

American geneticist Maclyn McCarty died 2. January 2005. (born 1911)

Croatian painter Edo Murtić died 2. January 2005. (born 1921)

Taiwanese businessman and diplomat Koo Chen-fu died 3. January 2005. (born 1917)

Indian diplomat Jyotindra Nath Dixit died 3. January 2005. (born 1936)

American author and illustrator Will Eisner died 3. January 2005. (born 1917)

Iraqi politician Ali al-Haidari died 4. January 2005.

English author Humphrey Carpenter died 4. January 2005. (born 1946)

American author and scholar Guy Davenport died 4. January 2005. (born 1927)

American mathematician Frank Harary died 4. January 2005. (born 1921)

American economist Robert Heilbroner died 4. January 2005. (born 1919)

Canadian ice hockey player Bud Poile died 4. January 2005. (born 1924)

American painter and illustrator Alton Tobey died 4. January 2005. (born 1914)

American manager and author Danny Sugerman died 5. January 2005. (born 1954)

Canadian politician, 15th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Lois Hole died 6. January 2005. (born 1933)

Canadian politician, 25th Premier of New Brunswick Louis Robichaud died 6. January 2005. (born 1925)

French author Pierre Daninos died 7. January 2005. (born 1913)

Irish politician Eileen Desmond died 7. January 2005. (born 1932)

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