See all who died in 2005.

Australian comedian and actor Campbell McComas died 8. January 2005. (born 1952)

American choreographer and dancer Warren Spears died 8. January 2005. (born 1954)

Polish linguist Michel Thomas died 8. January 2005. (born 1914)

Mexican sound technician Gonzalo Gavira died 9. January 2005. (born 1925)

Ukrainian-Canadian bishop Basil died 10. January 2005. (born 1909)

American comedian Gene Baylos died 10. January 2005. (born 1906)

Italian soprano Margherita Carosio died 10. January 2005. (born 1908)

American activist James Forman died 10. January 2005. (born 1928)

Finnish skier Kalevi Hämäläinen died 10. January 2005. (born 1932)

German-English cinematographer Erwin Hillier died 10. January 2005. (born 1911)

American journalist Jack Horner died 10. January 2005. (born 1912)

American author Arthur Walworth died 10. January 2005. (born 1903)

American drummer (Jefferson Airplane, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and The Dinosaurs) Spencer Dryden died 11. January 2005. (born 1938)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Bread and The Remingtons) Jimmy Griffin died 11. January 2005. (born 1943)

Australian pianist and composer Miriam Hyde died 11. January 2005. (born 1913)

Italian motorcycle racer Fabrizio Meoni died 11. January 2005. (born 1957)

Italian organ transplant patient Alessia di Matteo died 12. January 2005. (born 2003)

Indian actor Amrish Puri died 12. January 2005. (born 1932)

Estonian-American cartoonist Edmund S. Valtman died 12. January 2005. (born 1914)

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