Find out who all died from May to June 1949

American baseball player Buck Freeman died 25. June 1949. (born 1871)

American water polo player James Steen died 25. June 1949. (born 1876)

German-American author Klaus Mann died 21. May 1949. (born 1906)

Belgian painter Jan Frans De Boever died 23. May 1949. (born 1872)

Korean politician and educator, 13th President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea Kim Gu died 26. June 1949. (born 1876)

American cartoonist, publisher, and businessman, founded Ripley`s Believe It or Not! Robert Ripley died 27. May 1949. (born 1890)

French financier and polo player Édouard Alphonse James de Rothschild died 30. June 1949. (born 1868)

Russian architect, designed the Lenin`s Mausoleum and Kazansky railway station Alexey Shchusev died 24. May 1949. (born 1873)

Indian philosopher Syed Zafarul Hasan died 19. June 1949. (born 1885)

French cardinal Emmanuel Célestin Suhard died 30. May 1949. (born 1874)

English botanist and mountaineer Frank Smythe died 27. June 1949. (born 1900)

Norwegian author, Nobel Prize laureate Sigrid Undset died 10. June 1949. (born 1882)

Greek politician Aristeidis Stergiadis died 23. June 1949. (born 1861)

English footballer an cricketer Fanny Walden died 3. May 1949. (born 1888)

Belgian-French poet and playwright, Nobel Prize laureate Maurice Maeterlinck died 6. May 1949. (born 1862)

Greek politician Themistoklis Sofoulis died 29. June 1949. (born 1860)

Prince of Monaco Louis II died 9. May 1949. (born 1870)

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