Find out who all was born in 1871.

South African geologist and philanthropist Hans Merensky was born 16. March 1871. (died 1951)

French rugby player Frantz Reichel was born 16. March 1871. (died 1932)

English cricketer Schofield Haigh was born 19. March 1871. (died 1921)

German actor Heinrich Schroth was born 23. March 1871. (died 1945)

French fencer Louis Perrée was born 25. March 1871. (died 1924)

Dutch politician Piet Aalberse was born 27. March 1871. (died 1948)

German author Heinrich Mann was born 27. March 1871. (died 1950)

American captain and minister Joseph G. Morrison was born 27. March 1871. (died 1939)

Dutch conductor Willem Mengelberg was born 28. March 1871. (died 1951)

Irish politician, 3rd President of Dáil Éireann Arthur Griffith was born 31. March 1871. (died 1922)

Norwegian-American violinist and conductor F. Melius Christiansen was born 1. April 1871. (died 1955)

Croatian explorer Mirko Seljan was born 5. April 1871. (died 1912)

Filipino jurist, historian, and scholar Epifanio de los Santos was born 7. April 1871. (died 1927)

Greek general and politician, 130th Prime Minister of Greece Ioannis Metaxas was born 12. April 1871. (died 1941)

Irish author, poet, and playwright John Millington Synge was born 16. April 1871. (died 1909)

English economist and civil servant Sydney Chapman was born 20. April 1871. (died 1951)

Austrian actor Jaro Fürth was born 21. April 1871. (died 1945)

English sailor Lorne Currie was born 25. April 1871. (died 1926)

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